Inmate Mail Rules

All incoming and outgoing mail to inmates, with the exception of legal mail, must be in pre-stamped or metered postcard form. This change is being implemented to ensure the safety and security of jail facilities, inmates and staff.


Acceptable Postcards- NO LETTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

- Stamps are NOT allowed, postcards must be metered or have a pre-printed stamp.

- Must be addressed to : Inmate's Full Name and LE Number, Facility Name, and the Facility Address.

- Minimum size requirements are 3.5 inches by 4.25 inches.

- Maximum allowable postcard size is 4.25 inches by 6 inches.

- Should be written in BLUE or BLACK INK ONLY.

- Postcards must be white in color and are available at any United States Post Office.


Unacceptable Postcards- Defaced or altered postcards.

- No plastics or wrappings on postcard.

- Postcards marked with paint, crayons or marker.

- Postcards with labels or stickers.

- Postcards with watermarks or stains.

- Postcards with any biohazards, including perfumes or lipstick.

- Postcards depicting nudity, weapons or gang references.

- Postcards containing an affixed stamp.


Legal Mail- Legal mail will not be opened until in front of the inmate.


Money- All money orders/certified checks should continue to be mailed to accounting.

- Envelopes containing additional inmate correspondence will be retuned to sender.



- Up to four photographs may be mailed to the jail, after an inmate has been incarcerated for a minimum of 30 days, provided the envelope is clearly marked PHOTOGRAPHS.

- Photographs may NOT be larger than four inches by six inches.

- The inmate name and LE number must be written on the back of each photograph. Nothing else is to be written on the photographs.

- Photographs must be unaltered, and may not contain any adhesives, such as stickers or labels.

- Photographs must not depict sexual activity, visibly expose the breast, pubic area or buttocks, contain gang signs or codes or promote or show illegal activity.

- Envelopes containing additional inmate correspondence will be returned to sender.


Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines have to be delivered directly from the distributor.