Field Operations Division (FOD)

The Field Operations Division consists of five different units. These units are the Special Operations Unit, Civil/Transportation Unit, Court Security Unit, Field Support Unit, and the Crime Suppression Unit.


Special Operations SectionThe Special Operations Section consists of the Fugitive Unit, Vice Unit, Cobra Unit, and Special Assignment/Federal Task Force agents. For more information on the Special Operations Section, click here.


Field Support SectionThe Field Support Section consists of the Warrant Office, Civil, Transportation, Stalking Unit, Truancy Unit, Community Relations Unit, and the SORT Unit (Sex Offender Registration and Tracking). Additionally, all civilian clerical staff in Warrants, Civil, Records, and the GCIC Validation Team report to the Field Support Section. For more information on the Field Support Section, click here.


Court Services SectionThe Court Services Section provides security for the county court systems and transports inmates to and from court appearances. Currently, it provides security for the courts at the Banke Justice Complex, the Clayton County Youth Development and Justice Center, and the Probate Court at Annex Building III. For more information on the Court Services Section, click here.


Crime Suppression SectionThe Crime Suppression Section is responsible for crime suppression, criminal warrants, hospital security details, and other general law enforcement details. For more information on the Crime Suppression Section, click here.

                                           FOD Flow Chart