While the Sheriff's Office is free to hire it's own employees, the employment process starts with filling out an application at the Clayton County Human Resources Office (120 Smith Street, Jonesboro, GA 30236).  All vacant positions are posted and maintained by Human Resources. If the position is not posted, it is not open. Additionally, information and applications can be found and submitted online here.

For a complete listing of currently open positions, please visit the Clayton County Human Resources Current Employment Opportunities page here.


Job Descriptions - Sworn

Sheriff's Correctional Officer

Sheriff's Correctional Sergeant

Sheriff's Correctional Lieutenant

Sheriff's Deputy I

Sheriff's Deputy II

Sheriff's Deputy III

Sheriff's Investigator

Sheriff's Sergeant

Sheriff's Lieutenant

Sheriff's Captain

Sheriff's Major

Sheriff's Chief Deputy


Job Descriptions - Civilian

Sheriff's Service Clerk

Accounting Technician

Legal Advisor