Criminal Warrant Unit

The Criminal Warrant Unit consists of Warrants, Fugitives, Special Assignment/Federal Task Force agents, and the Tax Assessors Office personnel. It is responsible for the following:

--Service of criminal state warrants, bench warrants, and probation warrants.

--Warrants from other jurisdictions, both felony and misdemeanor.

--Securing and escorting inmates admitted to hospitals.

--Serving emergency committal orders.

--Enforcing traffic violations.

--Responding to critical incidents.


WarrantsThe primary function of Deputies assigned to Warrants is to focus on the service of warrants, assist other units when needed, perform hospital escorts and committals, and enforce traffic violations.


FugitivesThe primary objective of the Fugitives Squad is to locate and arrest violent offender fugitives, including those sought for murder, aggravated assault, rape, and robbery. Fugitive Investigators also handle all extradition matters for the Sheriff's Office. These include extradition hearings, obtaining fugitive warrants, and confirmation of warrants.


Special Assignment/Federal Task ForceThe Sheriff's Office has several deputies assigned to various federal agencies. These deputies bring a wealth of knowledge and resources to the department when needed.


Tax Assessor's OfficeThe Tax Assessor's Office now has a deputy assigned for security purposes.