Civil/Transportation Unit

The Civil/Transportation Unit consists of Civil, Transportation, Stalking Unit, and the SORT Unit (Sex Offender Registration and Tracking). It is responsible for the following:


CivilThe Civil Section is responsible for serving all civil papers from any court that requires service within Clayton County and for the lawful execution of every eviction proceeding within the county.

Civil papers include:

-- Lawsuits

-- Probate Orders

-- Subpoenas

-- Divorce Papers

-- Foreign papers received from other agencies.


TransportationThe Transportation Section is responsible for:

-- Safely moving inmates.

-- Outside inmate medical appointments.

-- Picking-up inmates arrested by other agencies on our charges.

-- Transporting juvenile offenders to court.

-- Picking-up in-custody persons from criminal warrant units in the field for transportation to the Clayton County Jail.

-- Transporting inmates to the Department of Corrections (state prisons).


Stalking UnitFor more information on the Stalking Unit, click here.


Sex Offender Registration and Tracking (SORT) UnitFor more information on the Sex Offender Registration and Tracking (SORT) Unit, click here.