Chaplaincy Program

The Chaplaincy Program was created to provide spiritual guidance, offer spiritual consultation, and to provide motivational and emotional support to both inmates and employees of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office. The program does not focus on a particular faith, belief, sect, denomination, ideal, or practice. Chaplains are assigned to work throughout the agency and detention facilities.

Some of the duties of Sheriff's Office's Chaplains are:

- Assist in the notification of family members in the event of serious injury or death of an inmate or staff member.

- Conduct and/or participate in religious services for deceased inmates or staff members when requested by the family.

- Offer comfort to families of inmates or staff members in a time of need.

- Counsel inmates and employees, and/or possibly family members, regarding personal domestic, financial, or religious difficulties when requested.

- Conduct non-denominational memorial services as requested.

- Attend and provide Invocation and Benediction during ceremonies as requested.

- Assist and/or counsel staff members in emergency situations.

- If an inmate's faith is not represented through the chaplaincy staff or volunteers, the program may assist the inmate in contacting such as person, with appropriate credentials, to minister to the inmate under supervision of a chaplain.